Forever Fairest

Royal Princess Party - 1 Hour

Royal Entrance

Your guests will be enchanted when the Princess enters your party!

(For information about optional crowning ceremony with a tiara, check out our Add-Ons page!)

Royal Performance

Your Princess(es) will sing a couple of your favourite songs from their story! All our Princesses are highly trained musical theatre vocalists.

(To hear more about our Princesses' many accolades, check out the 'About Us' page!)

Enchanted Storytime

The Princess will bring her royal storybook and tell the exciting story of how she became Princess or Queen!

Royal Game

The Princess(es) will play a fun game, getting your birthday child and all their friends on their feet, dancing! Everyone has a chance to win a prize!

Enchanting Makeovers and Tattoos

The Princess has brought a special surprise - a royal makeover for all the guests! All make up is properly sanitized between each and every party and applied with Q-tips. They'll receive eyeshadow, sparkles, blush, and lipstick. If the guests prefer not to have make up, they can ask for a tattoo instead. They get to choose between either make-up, or a tattoo.

Fairytale Photo Time

The Princess(es) would love to pose for photos to commemorate this magical day! Depending on time, and number of guests, the Princess(es) will take at least one group shot, and one individual shot with the birthday child. If there is more time, they will be able to do individual shots with each guest, and family portraits.

Happy Birthday

The Princess(es) have one more special song to sing - Happy Birthday, of course! This can be done with, or without the cake, depending on your preference.

A Royal Parting Gift

The Princess(es) will leave colouring sheets for all the guests to take home, so everyone can continue the magic after the party!

Final Farewell

The Princess(es) must return to their castle, so it is time to get one big hug from everyone before they go to their awaiting carriage!

* For parties over 15 guests, we may have to cut some elements to fit everything in the hour. We discuss that with you to best accommodate your needs.