Forever Fairest

Planning Your Party

Party Size

There is no limit, however our program works best with parties of 8-15 children between the ages of 3 and 7. Elements of the program may have to be cut with parties of 15 children or more, which we will discuss with you in order to best suit your needs.

Party Length

We recommend that guests arrive at least a ½ hour before the Princess. Our Princesses have a busy schedule, and so she will need to begin all her magical activities as soon as she arrives!


While tipping is not required, if you feel that your Princess' performance was particularly enchanting at your event, you are more than welcome to show your appreciation with a gratuity for her!


Due to our costumes being very delicate and expensive, in order to maintain their authenticity and upkeep, the Princess can only perform indoors. So, please ensure if your party is outdoors, that everyone returns indoors for the hour that the Princess entertains your little ones! Please ensure the Princess has a chair and some sort of table or hard surface (to put her makeup products on), and that the party room is large enough for the children to dance in.

Food and Drink

We ask that the children do not have open food and beverages anywhere near the Princess as accidents can happen, and the Princess' ballgowns are very delicate and expensive! We also ask that no peanut products be in the vicinity as we have multiple parties in a day and would like to be as safe as possible.

Royal Entrance

Please ensure the children do not meet the princess at the door. It is best for the children to stay seated in the party room so that the Princess can make her grand entrance!

Happy Birthday

Please let us know if you would like the Princess to sing happy birthday with the birthday cake so that she can make time for it in the hour! You can let the Princess know once she arrives at her event.