Forever Fairest

Peter Bloom- Cineplex Theatres (Courtney Park)- General Manager

"What a blast! The girls came in and within seconds the smiles of every kid and adult in the building came on. Kudos to the princess team on making our premier of Frozen a truly memorable experience"

Kristin Z. (Princesses- Miranda and Tess)

"When our two girls and I fell in love with the latest princess movie, I knew our upcoming birthday theme should be a snowy cold one. It seemed all to perfect, a movie about sisters in the snow, for our March birthdays - and they each fell in love with the character that is similar to themselves. I started looking for princesses in early January for our beginning of March party. Trust me, I searched everywhere. I can not tell you the number of phone calls and emails I sent out, only to be left almost hopeless. Companies were not sure which new character to bring or when they would be ready and very few traveled to our town. Forever Fairest Princess Parties was recommended to me and from the initial contact I had through Facebook, I would not change a thing.

I received a prompt response, pictures and a short video of one princess with a promise of a second Queen coming soon. All promises were delivered and did not disappoint. Everyone I showed the video and photos to could not believe how AMAZING the resemblance and performance were. I was a little anxious on party day. My girls so love these characters, could their dreams be realized? We invited the royal ladies and they said they could make it...

When our 3 year old saw her favourite princess walk up to her and say her name, it took the breath right out of us. She was delighted. If you think Santa is a big deal, you've never seen a child witness someone step out of a movie and into their lives. E was over joyed and was a mix of shy and excited. She could not stop smiling and bouncing and staring. Our 5 year old, S, is a little slow to warm up to new people, but she was completely in awe of the Queen.

The women who came to our party were extremely professional. Their ability to manage the over excited children and continue on with their songs was unmatched. Adults kept coming up to me and asking if they were really singing? YES YES YES. We were all mesmerized and taken aback at the range of talent. I could not have asked for more. The children were entertained just by holding conversations and asking questions with the ladies. Forever Fairest further provided more entertainment with games, dancing and make up. They were SOOOOO patient taking MANY MANY MANY pictures for all the kids, groups of kids and yes, the adults too. As a parent who invests time and effort in details of a themed party, I truly appreciated that they took the time to comment and discuss the little special touches. Our 5 year old, S, had helped put together a paper ice castle and trolls, decorated the cupcakes and cake. It made her swell with pride to know that her hard work is princess-approved.

I would not hesitate to recommend the performers from this company. I will share my pictures and videos. I will talk about this party over and over and over. I am still getting comments after the party from people who were there that their kids cant stop talking about it, nor can they.

I do declare, these women are the fairest of them all."

Wendy C. (Princesses and Prince- Jill, Tess and Chris)

I don't even know what to say. You are soooo amazing!! Holy cow, I just have to tell you how very impressed I was with your work today! Grace's little face, her singing along to every word, her pure joy that lasted until she finally went to sleep only just an hour ago. I could never thank you enough. I watched my daughter's biggest dreams come true. Elsa and Anna were at her birthday party.

I also didn't tell you that my husband and I are elementary school teachers and were both so impressed not only by your incredible talent but also your command and management of the group of very excited children.

Really, BEYOND my greatest hopes. All the moms were blown away. All the kids were so happy

It was the best.

Thank you so much. You are magic.

Siobhan S. (Princess- Samantha)

“Please pass along my thanks to Samantha for creating a fabulous party for Maeve and her little pals on Saturday. She was awesome! Maeve, who is normally the most outgoing in the room, was speechless and awestruck for most of the program. Cinderella needs to visit more often! She said it was the best part of her birthday weekend.

We were very happy that we picked your company. The adults here were impressed as well. I will not hesitate to recommend you ladies to all my friends. Thanks again and all the best”

Pauline Irvine (Princess- Tess):

“I just wanted to tell you that Princess Anna did a fantastic job at the party today! She was a real hit with all the kids! She really made the party special for my daughter, so please thank her again for us. She is so talented - what an amazing singer she is!

Thanks for everything. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. I would definitely recommend your company! You may be hearing from me again..“

Leigh M. (Princess- Miranda):

“I just wanted to thank you again, and share with you that my daughter's party yesterday was nothing short of a dream come true!!! Ella was over the moon, and I cant thank you enough for making such an amazing memory. She truly believes Elsa is her friend, and came all the way to her party. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the joy and the look on her face as she arrived. Elsa was outstanding, a gorgeous singer, and was so patient and kind with the kids. If you could please pass along our sincere gratitude to her again, that would be greatly appreciated.

Amy-Lou Hay (Princess- Mayla):

“In July my daughter decided that her wish for her birthday party would be to “invite” Snow White. She would ask me every day if we could mail an invitation to her castle and ask her to come to her party. With a few weeks before the actual date of the party, I hit Kijiji to look for someone to make that wish come true. My daughter has special needs and when the only thing she asked for was to invite the very first princess she fell in love with, I couldn't say no. I didn’t realize just how had that would be! I found about 6-7 other people offering princess parties and an emailed them all. Some responded some didn’t. When I told them what exactly what I wanted no one could offer me what I wanted for a reasonable price. I couldn’t do the makeup thing as my kids have severe food allergies and not only could react to the face paint but I cannot monitor for rashes and hives due to their food allergies if I can’t see their skin. I explained that I didn’t need the dress up or the loot bags or the story telling, our parties are all about people coming and going and the last thing I needed or wanted was to have a bunch of adults at the scheduled time with no kids in sight! Tess and her team were the only people to understand my situation and charge me for the party I wanted and needed!

I didn’t know what to expect when Snow White showed upon my drive way! She fit the part! I gave her a small run own of my daughter’s needs and personality and was quickly reassured when she told me her “day job” was working with kids at a camp for autism! Phew a load of my plate! My daughter instantly clicked with her and every kid at the party ran with open arms. Snow white followed their lead, did what they wanted to do and answered every question… including the 300” where is the evil queen?!” questions my daughter kept asking! Every single parent and all the adults at that party thought she was fantastic including some parents who had previously done a “princess party” for their children in the past! We talked about her long after she left!

The best part or that day was making my daughters dream of inviting Snow White to her house! She is still talking about her and everything they did at the party! I had parents tell me their kids talked about the party for days afterword and even 1 little boy said he’d never miss another party at our house again! Imagine a boy saying this about Snow White!!! That shows the impact she had on each and every kid at the party! My daughter proudly took her photos to school to show everyone her party and he special guest!

We had a horrible experience the year before in having the entertainment cancel and hour before the party due to their own negligence. Every single parent at that party was told what happened and was disgusted with the company and their lack of concern for disrupting a whole day. I was obviously nervous about booking anything that was out of my control but Tess followed through with emails the day before and low and behold Snow White was on my doorstep exactly on time and ready to go!

As soon as the party was over my soon to be three year old daughter asked for Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to come to her party! I didn’t even think twice to ask if not only Tess could make this happen but if Mayla could come back as Dorothy! Within the next week everything was arranged and ready to go!

This November we celebrated my younger daughter’s Wizard of Oz birthday with Dorothy! Anytime anyone asked what kind of birthday she was having it was instantly, “Dorothy Is coming!” and this time I knew no one would be disappointed! Dorothy was on time and again ready to go, and again answered the 300 “where is the witch” questions! The kids ambushed her at the door all screaming “I saw you on TV last night!” and then quickly led her off to play. My daughter was so excited to see Dorothy at her house and told me that night it was her favourite part… not even mentioning the toys and gifts she got! Today she went off to school with pictures in hand to show everyone who was at her house over the weekend!

As a parent you want to give everything you can to your kids. My kids didn’t ask for much.. or what really seemed like much… with your help I gave them some really great memories and the feeling that they were “inviting” someone they love to watch on TV to their house. They were special for 1 day! I am already trying to plan next years parties and thinking who can I get to come next year… be prepared for Sally form Nightmare before Christmas and Tinkerbelle! I cannot thank you enough for listening to my needs and wants and giving my kids a birthday to remember! I highly recommend your services to anyone who asks!”

Doris G. (Princess- Emma)

“I want to Thank You ! Elsa was fantastic, the children loved her, she was awesome with them and so attentative! My family and I were floored by her voice .... she has such a beautiful voice. (We all got goose bumps). Thank you again Forever Fairest Princess for making my daughter's 5th birthday party a smash hit .... she'll be the talk of her class !!! I've passed on your number to a few of the parents who stood outside my house to see Elsa come … LOL

Kara Hunter (Princess- Esther):

"Snow White was absolutely fantastic. The kids were captivated and she was brilliant from start to finish.

Please let Snow know how terrific she is and how well she handled everything. She was flexible and managed so well through all of the external craziness going on with the party. I wanted her to have a stage! All the kids cannot stop talking about her.

Thanks again for a great experience from beginning to end.

Gillian W. (Princess- Esther):

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful Rapunzel was. My daughter had an absolutely wonderful birthday and all of the children were thrilled to see Rapunzel. She was very professional, a wonderful singer and a ton of fun!"

Ida S. (Princess- Miranda)

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awesomeness and making the fin costume happen. I assumed because I didn't hear from you that you couldn't make it work but when we saw Ariel walking to our house in her mermaid costume it brought me to tears! My daughters and all of my guests were so impressed by her performance and her voice. I don't know her real name but please tell her she was amazing and I am so pleased. I cannot wait for my other daughter's birthday on October 18 when the Frozen sisters come to visit us! Thank you for making my daughter's second birthday such a memorable one!

Linda McDonnell-Swatogor (Princess- Tess):

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Forever Fairest for your child's birthday function. We used their services for my daughter's birthday and booked Belle (Tess) as the princess. We knew it would be a dream come true for her and that the children would be blown away. What we didn't expect was that the parents that attended the birthday party would also be taken aback by her performance, likeness to the actual Belle (it could have been the real Belle) but most of all her voice! Her beautiful, beautiful voice. When she sang the Beauty and the Beast theme song there were very few dry eyes in the room (Moms, have your kleenex ready). The party was a hit, the children hung off her every word, we were entertained from the moment we met her. She came with plenty of activities and even costumes for those that didn't have any."

Rahul B. (Princess- Miranda)

“The party was great fun for the kids and for us too. She was amazing! We will be happy to advise your company to our friends and relatives. Thanks again.”

Marcia (Princess- Tyanna):

“I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful party. My daughter, Olivia and her friends (and the adults lol) enjoyed their time with Princess Tiana (Tyanna)! She did a wonderful job. Thanks again for a wonderful party!”

Joanne Z (Princesses- Esther, Mayla, Jenni, Sam P, Tess)

"I just want to say thank you so so much for the princesses! They are amazing!!! They blew my guests minds away! They are surely a hit! I'm looking forward to doing business with you again! :) just want to give you a heads up alot of my friends want to do the same so I gave them your website. I love you guys! Again, thank you!"

Shannon C (Princess- Tess)

Today was wonderful, Elsa was beautiful and has a wonderful voice, the children including the boys loved her!

We loved it, thank you so much you really made the party perfect!

Angela (Owner of Groove School of Dance) (Princess- Emma):

“Cinderella was wonderful, She did a great job! Staff said her singing was amazing and she was beautiful. Thanks, excited for the next parties.”

Silverina (Princess- Miranda):

"Just wanted to thank you yesterday for Elsa being at the party. She was fantastic, the kids loved it and she sang beautifully, was very impressed. Have referred your company to the other parents and will be using you again in the future ( i have a 5 yr old girl as well:)). Thanks again

John Colacci (Princess- Tess):

"Your performance was captivating not only for the children but also for the parents present!

I highly recommend your services to anyone interested in having that very special occasion or birthday party."

Michelle B. (Princesses- Miranda and Tess):

“Just wanted to thank Anna & Elsa for a wonderful afternoon! Zoë was stunned when you walked into the room and despite her shyness you helped her come out of her shell. The kids were so engaged and the parents were so impressed with your performances. Your singing voices are beautiful! One Mom told me she was so moved watching you interact with the kids that she found herself in tears. I was surprised by just how authentic you looked. Your costumes are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again for making my little girl's birthday so special and memorable. It was a birthday that she will never forget. Hope to see you again soon!

Lina Gikas (Princesses- Samantha and Tess):

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. Cinderella and Ariel did a fantastic job – they were in character the entire time, friendly, beautiful and they have amazing voices! I think the adults enjoyed it more than the little ones. And thank you for your prompt customer service and for being accommodating to my party needs. I would definitely recommend your princesses for any party. Thank you so much.”

Sandi D. (Princess- Miranda):

“I just wanted to let you know that Elsa was AMAZING on Saturday! She was so good with all the kids. And the adults were very impressed as well. Reese has been telling everyone that Elsa came to her party- so I know it was a success.

I have already had a bunch of ppl ask for the info for the company, as they want to have a princess party too!

Thanks again and we will definitely keep you guys in mind when my other daughter turns 3 in a few years”

Chelsie M. (Princesses- Miranda and Tess):

“Thanks again for the amazing performances. Elsa and Anna were amazing with the children!! They looked so beautiful and authentic! They sang beautifully just like the real elsa and anna and answered all the kids' tricky questions. Everyone was so impressed. And my daughters dreams came true!!

Well worth the money!!

From a super happy repeat customer

Sonia (Princess- Jill):

“Just want to thank you so much for your help in setting things up to have Elsa at my daughter's party. She was such a lovely lady who really made the day very special for a very special little girl! The kids adored her and had a fantastic time so thank you and Elsa so much!”

Claudia Cabral (Princesses- Samantha and Tess):

“The kids had such a great time. (Ariel and Cinderella) were amazing. Thank you so much and thank them for me.”

Afshan Abbas (Princess- Tess):

“Ariel did a fantastic job! Everyone really loved her :) ”

Alexis (Princess- Emma):

“Cinderella was wonderful the kids loved her the party was great and I will be recommending her to my family and friends thanks again.”

Katia (Princess- Tess):

"I'm really thankful to Tess who saved my daughter's birthday. She was waiting for Repunzel and the other company that I hired send us a wrong princess. Tess came today and my daughter was thrilled. Her wish came true. Tess is an amazing performer."

Sonia (Princess- Mayla):

“We just wanted to say that we were very pleased with Rapunzel. My daughter said it was the happiest day of her life :) Rapunzel did a wonderful job - all the kids loved her.”

Stephen T. (Princess- Tess):

“Tess was amazing. We had a special request for her to do a fairy character from a specific, somewhat obscure show that our daughter loves. Tess not only created the perfect costume, but also researched and learned the details about the character and her back story. The other parents at the party were very impressed - more so when I explained that Tess had researched that character with in a couple weeks. They noticed that she had all the correct answers for the questions the girls were asking. Once again thanks so much for making a 5 year old birthday party magical!"

Soti V. (Princess- Mayla):

“Just wanted to say thanks! Elsa did an amazing job at my daughters 5th birthday party. The girls and boys loved her and she had such a beautiful voice. Please tell her "thank you". I would recommend Forever Fairest to anyone looking to Let It Snow for their little princess!!”

Shevaun (Princess- Mayla):

We had Elsa come to Brooklyn's birthday party on Saturday and I just wanted to take the time and let you know she was AMAZING! I have recommended you to many of my friends tat have up coming parties to plan for their little princesses and will continue to do so. She was great with all the kids, they all loved her. And made my daughters dream come to meeting Elsa! They loved hearing the story and playing the game and most of all singing Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman. My daughter is still talking about how much fun she had and I'm sure she will be for many days to come :)"

Donna M. (Princess- Miranda):

“Hello Tess, Ariel was SENSATIONAL!!! She definitely has a ton of patience to deal with do many kids. My daughter was so happy & in awe that Ariel was able to come to her party. My sister will also be contacting you for her dayghter's 3rd birthday in December. She is doing a Merida party. Thank you so much & please thank Ariel once again.”

Susie B. (Princesses- Mayla and Tess)

“Thank you so much for Saturday, everyone loved it.. especially Madison and Brooklyn. They are still telling everyone how Anna and Elsa came to see them. The look of amazement on those two girls faces, is one I will never forget! I have some cute pic’s to share and will send them to you later today.Thank you so much again, you ladies did an amazing job!